HR3 Paint-Bodywork

In the heartland of American motorcycle culture, HR3 shines as an emblem of innovation and craftsmanship. Born from a passion for Harley-Davidson and a dedication to customization, HR3 has sculpted its position as a leader in quality and excellence.

A Bold Beginning
Launched in 2021 with a laser focus on paint-bodywork and color-matched bodywork, HR3's commitment has been unwavering. In a short span, HR3's expertise has brought the Harley customization scene to breathtaking new levels.

Crafting Unique Personalities with Paint-Bodywork
HR3's meticulously curated collection lends a distinct character to every Harley. Tour pack luggages, stretched saddlebags, inner fairings, spoilers, and more - all matched perfectly with your Harley's hues. With HR3, your bike isn't just a vehicle; it's a reflection of your own character.

Unparalleled Quality
Our painting process and unbeatable plastic blank parts quality set industry standards. Through meticulous craftsmanship, HR3 brings Harley OEM color- painted pieces and custom-painted pieces to life like no one else.

The Complete Fairing Kit Set with HR3:
We're proud to offer complete sets of fairing body kits for your Harley - a unique sales approach that sets us apart. It's not just about details; it's about creating a cohesive masterpiece that embodies the Harley spirit.

Riding Redefined:
At HR3, we embrace the American dream of individuality and freedom. We don't just customize Harley fairing body kits; we transform them into personal masterpieces. With HR3, you're not merely riding but leaving your signature on the road.

Your Bike, Your Story
Embrace the ride with HR3. Let your Harley tell your story. Let it be an extension of your soul. With HR3, customization isn't a business; it's a calling.

With roots firmly planted in American tradition and eyes fixed on the road ahead, HR3 is way more than just a brand name; it's a journey. Join us, and make your own way.

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